RWD Doripake Ver. 1

MadHouse Overdose Drift Package

Make: Yokomo
Model: Type-C
Date: 10/15/2014

Track Surface: Office Tile (similar to polished concrete)
Front Tire: HPI A-Drift
Rear Tire: HPI T-Drift
ESC: Sanwa Super Vortex Zero
Motor: HobbyWing V10 10.5T
Radio: Sanwa MT-4
Servo: Sanwa SRG BLS Ver. 2
Gyro: Sanwa SGS-01D

Battery: Eagle Racing 5600Mah LiPo

Camber: -14*
Toe: 0*
Kick Up: N/A
Caster: Approximately 7*
Ride Height: 6.5mm

Springs: Unknown Brand 15lbs Spring
Bumper Weight: Overdose Aluminum Bumper Brace
Sway-Bar: None
Shock Oil: Team Associated 20wt
Upper Shock Position: Top row, second from the outside 

Lower Shock Position: Second inner most position (WUN V3 lower arms)
Diff: None

Other: Damper pistons have been bored out, 50g weight added inside front diff, 2x10g weights added to the wide body post slots on the front bumper.

Camber: 0*
Toe Block: 0*
Kick Up: None
Ride Height: 5.5mm
Springs: RC926 Hybrid 1.3mm Blue/Blue (Soft)
Sway-Bar: None
Shock Oil: Associated 10wt
Upper Shock Position: Top row, second from the inside

Lower Shock Position: Furthest Outward along lower Overdose arms.
Diff: RC926 Aluminum Diff w/ Steel Outdrives + Stock Plastic Ring + Stock Plastic Bevel Gear
Other: Custom 6 hole damper pistons, 2x5g weights added to rear toe blocks

Drive Train:
Front: None
Rear: Stock Plastic Ring and Bevel Gears
CS Ratio: N/A - RWD
Spur: 78t 48p
Pinion: 25t 48p
Final Drive Ratio: 7.5
Other: Throttle EPA 100%

Parts List:
Overdose Aluminum Gear Case x2
Overdose Aluminum Rear Gear Case Mount
Overdose Aluminum Front Gear Case Mount
Overdose Aluminum Bumper Support Set for Yokomo
Overdose Aluminum Rear Chassis Brace
Overdose Aluminum Front Shock Tower
Overdose Aluminum Rear Shock Tower
Overdose Aluminum Upper Arm Mount
Overdose Aluminum Spur Gear Support Plate Type-3
Overdose Aluminum Servo Saver Horn Type-2 for Yokomo
Overdose Aluminum Shock Cap Set for Yokomo x2
Overdose Aluminum Damper Adjustment Nut for Yokomo
Overdose Aluminum Motor Mount
Overdose Aluminum Rear Upright
Overdose Aluminum Front Upper Arm Set

Overdose Aluminum Rear Suspension Arm Set
Overdose Aluminum Servo Mount
Overdose Aluminum Slide Rack Steering
Overdose Aluminum Front Chassis Brace Set
Overdose Aluminum Front Tower Bar
Overdose Aluminum Chassis Post Set
Overdose Aluminum Battery Brace
Overdose Aluminum Battery Holder Set
Overdose Aluminum Rear Adjustable Suspension Mount
Overdose Aluminum Suspension Mount Set (FF, FR, RF)
Overdose Aluminum Turnbuckle Set
Overdose Plastic Rod End Set
Overdose Plastic Lower Bumper Support Set for Vacula
Overdose SSG Chassis Conversion Set for Drift Package

Yokomo Drift Package Type-C Base Kit
Yokomo BD-1SSS-7 Dampers
Yokomo Titanium Shock Shaft Set
Yokomo Plastic Ring and Bevel Gear Set
Yokomo Hardened Rear Input Shaft
Yokomo Aluminum Spur Gear Adapter
Yokomo L.F. Rear CVD's
Yokomo Titanium Turnbuckle Set
Yokomo DRB Plastic Parts Set

Yokomo Aluminum Clamp Wheel Hubs

Wrap-Up Next GX Knuckles
Wrap-Up Next V3 3mm Y-Arms

RC926 30mm Spring Set

RC926 2.3mm Hybrid Spring Set
RC926 Rear Aluminum Spool + Steel Outdrives

Kazama Auto Adjustable Damper Caps

Street Jam Rear Diffuser

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