Thursday, August 6, 2015

Team Tetsujin LB Works Nissan GTR R35

I bought this body some time last year, and after purchasing it I got caught up with work and just never found the time to start building it. A couple months back, I decided to hand it over to my homie Curt to have a crack at it. When it comes to bodies, he's a bit of a mad scientist, he builds some badass Frankenstein cars, so I knew my car was in good hands. You can check out his work here. The original plan was to spray it a midnight blue, but I quickly changed my mind to a pearl midnight purple, and oh man am I glad I did. Once Curt worked his magic on the body, I wasn't able to capture the colour thanks to my non existent photography skills. Luckily the homie Gaelen brought his camera out one night and shot these badass pics. So here it is in all it's glory after a few weeks of abuse. Huge thanks to Curt for the badass build, and Gaelen for the pics to finally do this thing some justice... I absolutely love this shell. I am a big 180SX/S13 guy, and this is probably one of the first shells I have truly liked aside from the previous mentioned shells. I still haven't gotten around to installing the exhaust or a license plate... but here's the pics. What do you think?


  1. well bro! sweet!!! really sweet!! i am in tempted to try that color out but actually i don't know exactly where should i start...well i do have here in home these tamiya spray cans: candy blue, candy red, metallic purple and flat black i think that is the composition of that midnight purple paint, right? well i am thinking to paint a sil-eigthy S13 and a one-via S13 (i gonna cut a 180sx and a silvia s13) with the midnight purple color, what do you think bro? thanks!!!

    1. This colour was achieved using the following colours, in the following order - Tamiya PS Pearl Clear -> Tamiya PS Translucent Purple (spray until colour is even) -> Tamiya PS Gunmetal.

      It's by far one of my favourite colours, looks great in person :)