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MadHouse Overdose x WUN FR-D Ver.2 RWD

Make: Wrap-Up Next
Model: FR-D  
Date: n/a 
Track Surface: Office Tile (similar to polished concrete)
Front Tire: HPI A-Drift  
Rear Tire: HPI T-Drift  
ESC: Accuvance Tachyon Aria HBK + Chevalier Boost Capacitor  
Motor: Yokomo Worlds Zero R 17.5t  
Radio: Sanwa MT-4  
Servo: Sanwa SRG BL
Gyro: Sanwa SGS-01D Drift Gyro  
Battery: Eagle Racing 5400Mah LiPo Saddle Pack 
Camber: -15*
Toe: 0*
Kick Up: None
Caster: 8*
Ride Height: 7mm
Springs: RC926 Hybrid 1.3mm Diameter Black/Black
Bumper Weight: 30grams
Sway-Bar: None
Shock Oil: Team Associated 20wt
Upper Shock Position: Upper Row, Second from the outside
Lower Shock Position: Second from the inside
Diff: None
 Other: Damper pistons have been bored out, running a mono shock on upper arms, 5g weights on each hub 
Camber: 0*
Toe Block: 0*
Kick Up: None
Ride Height: 6mm
Springs: RC926 30mm 1.2mm Diameter Blue
Sway-Bar: None
Shock Oil: Associated 10wt
Shock Position: Top row, second from inside
Diff: RC926 Aluminum Diff w/ Steel Outdrives
Other: 6 hole damper pistons,

Added Weight: 40g Diffuser, 20g Shock Tower, 5g each rear battery post 
Drive Train:
Gear A: 20
Gear B: 34
Gear C: 35
Gear D: 21

Input Gear: 17
Diff Gear: 40

Final Drive Ratio: 6.67

Other: Front pinions replaced with Square RC Steel pinions

Parts List:  
Overdose Aluminum Gear Case
Overdose Aluminum Rear Gear Case Mount
Overdose Aluminum Rear Damper Tower
Overdose Aluminum Front Damper Tower
Overdose Aluminum Front Bumper Support
Overdose Aluminum Lower Bumper Support
Overdose Aluminum Damper Caps
Overdose Aluminum Drive Shaft
Overdose Steel Drive Cup
Overdose Aluminum Servo Saver
Overdose Aluminum Tie Rods
Overdose Aluminum Servo Mount

Wrap-Up Next FR-D Ver.2 Black Kit
Wrap-Up Next VX Arm 2.5mm
Wrap-Up Next Y-Arm 2.5mm
Wrap-Up Next GX Knuckle
Wrap-Up Next HD Upper Arms
Wrap-Up Next Mono Shock
Wrap-Up Next Saddle Pack Mount
Wrap-Up Next assorted Spacers

RC926 Aluminum Rear Spool w/ Steel Outdrives
RC926 30mm 1.2mm Diameter Spring Set
RC926 Hybrid 1.3mm Diameter Spring Set
RC926 Damper Colour Change Kit 
RC926 4mm Aluminum Hubs

Kazama Auto Adjustable Damper Tops
Kazama Auto 3mm Damper Top Options

Yokomo L.F Rear CVDs
Yokomo Bearing Set
Yokomo Type-C Ball Cups

Tamiya TRF Dampers

Kawada Battery Cushion
Kawada Motor Connector Set

Square RC Gold Screws
Square RC Pinions

RPM Ball Cups

T-Works Weight Sets

MadHouse Yokomo DIB 

Model: DIB
Date: October 15 2013

Track Surface: Office Tile
Tire: HPI T-Drifts
Motor & ESC: Tekin Redline 8.5T / Tekin RS Sensored
Radio: Sanwa MT-4
Servo: Savox 1251mg
Battery: Eagle Racing 4200mah Shorty LiPo

Camber: -11*
Toe: 2* Out
Kick Up: N/A
Caster: New Setup Unknown.
Ride Height: 7.5mm
Springs: RC926 Black + Yellow
Bumper Weight: Overdose Aluminum Front Bumper
Sway-Bar: None
Shock Oil: Associated 25wt
Upper Shock Position: Fifth hole from the outside
Lower Shock Position: Inner most position
Diff: One-Way

Camber: -5*
Toe Block: 1* 
Kick Up: None
Ride Height: 6mm
Springs: RC926 Blue + White
Sway-Bar: Npme
Shock Oil: Associated 10wt
Shock Position: Second hole from the outside 
Diff: Spool
Other: 2mm Anti-Squat + Active Camber Setup

Drive Train:
Front: 40t
Center: 15t/15t
Rear: 1.5 FCD Kit
CS Ratio: 1.5 / 50%
Spur: 90t 48p
Pinion: 22t 48p
Final Drive Ratio: 7.364
Other: none

Parts List:
Yokomo Grade Up Package1
Yokomo Grade Up Package 2
Yokomo 1.8 FCD Kit
Yokomo Black DRB Rod End Parts
Yokomo Type-C Upper Arm
Yokomo Titanium Tie Rods
Yokomo 3mm Lock Nuts 
Yokomo Aluminum Front Knuckles (Future upgrade will be KPI knuckles)
Yokomo DRB Wide Bulk Head Caps (Rear Only)

Active Hobby TA-06 Rear Lower Adjustable Suspension Arms
Active Hobby TA-06 Rear Upright
Active Hobby TA-06 Rear Shock Tower (Modded for link suspension)
Active Hobby OTA-R31 Rear Link Suspension Kit
Active Hobby Type-C Upper A-Arm Mount Set for DIB
Active Hobby Type-C High Angle Suspension Arms for DIB
Active Hobby Chrome Screw Kit (Custom)
Active Hobby Counter Sunk Washers

Overdose Aluminum Front Bumper 
Overdose Aluminum Spur Gear Support Plate Type-3
Overdose Aluminum Servo Saver Type-2
Overdose 44mm High Angle CVD's
Overdose Antenna Holder
Overdose Damper End Caps
Overdose Damper Adjustment Ring

Kawada 88T Spur 48 Pitch
Kawada 22T Pinion 48 Pitch 

MST 5.8 Ball Ends

Kazama Auto Adjustable Shock Cap Ends

RC-Art Front Foam Bumper

RC926 Gold Wheel Nuts

Assorted Spacers


MadHouse HPI Sprint 2 Drift

Make: HPI
Model: Sprint 2 Drift

Track Surface: Asphalt
Tire: HPI T-Drifts
Motor & ESC:
Battery: Gens Ace 5000mah

Camber: -1*
Toe: 0* out
Kick Up: N/A
Caster Hubs: Stock
Ride Height: Stock
Springs: Stock
Bumper Weight:N/A
Shock Oil: Stock
Other: N/A

Camber: 0*
Toe Block: Stock
Kick Up: N/A
Ride height: Stock
Springs: Stock
Sway-Bar: N/A
Shock Oil: Stock
Other: Locked rear diff with plumbers putty.

Drive Train:
Gearing: 50-50 Stock

Custom Belt Tensioner to Clear LiPo
Velcro Battery Straps
+9, +6 Staggered Wheels
HPI 350Z Body
NOTE* Chassis shown without LiPo conversion